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Debbie McFarland

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Born and raised in Northfield, MN, I started riding at the age of three and had my first pony to show by the time I was eight. I spent the next few years competing on state and national levels, and by the time I finished high school, I held national records in several timed-event classes.

While majoring in Animal Science with an equine emphasis at the University of Wisconsin, my advisor/ mentor; Larry Kasten spent many hours working with me and my horse, and took me to my first Reining Futurity.

I used the next few years training and showing reining horses. Beginning as a Non-Pro, I was fortunate enough to win a Lawson Bronze at my first NRHA Reining. As a trainer I worked for Non-Pro greats Richie Greenburg, Harold Lepler. Trainer Bob Anthony, who was at the top of his game in those days, was a major influence on my training. For a change of pace, I went to work for Matlock Rose a legend in the cutting horse world. The horsemanship skills bestowed on me by Matlock and his side kick Don Dodge are skills I rely on daily. Pat Earnheart, another hall of fame cutter, put me on a bunch of colts, in front of a bunch of calves and taught me you can't ever let yourself get lazy, you have to keep pulling on those colts to keep them on their rear-ends!

I spent a number of years up to my neck in pre-conditioning calves. It is a skill I have put to use for the last 20 years and still use today in my cowhorse training business.  While I was a Ranch Manager for Bob Prine in So. Fl.  I became involved with Team Penning.  When Ranch Sorting came along I knew it was for me; as a competitor and a producer. 

We have built up the Ranch Sorting shows at Linkeddcowhorses to monthly shows of 200+ teams. I train, show and sell Ranch Sorting Horses. I also teach people to sort as well. For fun, I train cutting horses for myself and a few others.


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